What to pack for the Florida theme parks

The Orlando Theme Park Ultimate Packing List

We want you to have the most amazing time and make memories which last a lifetime. As you head into the parks each morning, here's our handy guide on what to take with you.

You’ll be walking a lot, have good shoes - There’s no escape you’re going to be walking a lot!

When one our lovely team visited Walt Disney World in June this year (2022), on average they walked almost 26,000 steps per day, that's around 12 miles! We recommend comfortable trainers which offer good ankle support. If you are buying new shoes for your trip, ensure they are well worn in before even taking off. Experience tells us the likes of sandals are not suitable footwear.

It’s hot and sunny, be ready - There's a reason Florida is known as the Sunshine State. With summer highs of over 33 degrees and long sunny days (over 13hrs of sunlight in August), be sure to pack adequate amounts of a high factor sun screen and keep reapplying throughout the day. Remember your sunglasses and hat too.


It can rain, and rain hard - Between May and September, it's very likely you'll experience a famous Florida rain storm. On the whole, the rain storms won't last long however, but they can be intense! Before you leave the UK, grab yourself some ponchos for your park bag. We'd also recommend taking in some spare clothes and shoes for little ones.

A handheld fan – Whether you're waiting for a parade, in a queue for a ride, or just need a blast of cool air, a rechargable , handheld fan is a must! As a tip, buy one with a clip which you can attach to a buggy if you’re taking younger ones! 

Plasters – With so much walking, it’s always best to pack some plasters or blister pads.

Resealable plastic bags – Like the ones you pop your sarnies in. Put your wallet, phone and any valuables in a plastic bag, this will keep them nice and dry on water rides, and during those Florida rain storms. Plus they're great for that leaky sunscreen.

Hand sanitiser –  Whether a pandemic or not, hand sanitiser or hand wipes are a must.

Water – Save some money and pack small bottles of water in your bag. If you can, take a refillable bottle as many theme parks allow free water top-ups at many of their quick service food locations.

Snacks – Being in a theme park all day will make you hungry. Take some small snacks into the park each day. Not only will you have easy access to a light bite whenever you want, it will save you some cash too.

Here's our team members bag, showing some of the items we've suggested