Where can I find my booking?

Once you have requested your booking on the Travel Republic website, you will receive a booking request number. An email will be sent to the account you provided us at the time of booking – You will then be able to set up your personal account with Travel Republic. Once your booking is confirmed (this can take up to 12 hours), you will receive a confirmation email.

If you cannot locate your Travel Republic booking reference, please refer to the confirmation email sent to you. You will find your booking reference in either the subject line or at the top of your confirmation email. If you have not received your confirmation email, please check your spam or junk box.

Your Travel Republic reference will always start with 3 letters followed by a group of numbers i.e. ACM/123456789

To view your booking within manage my booking, please go to the Travel Republic homepage. This will either be the UK site or the Ireland site. Once you are on the correct website, you will see ‘Sign in/Manage my booking’ at the top right hand side.

Once you have selected ‘sign in/ Manage my booking’ a box will automatically appear which is headed with your account. You will see 3 tabs; ‘Sign In’, ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Booking Lookup’ – you will then need to enter your Travel Republic reference number and the last name of the card owner.

Mobile site

At the very top of the Travel Republic mobile site, the menu button is the top letter, directly next to where it states Travel Republic. Once you click this, you can either ‘Sign in’ to your account, ‘sign up’ to make an account or simply click on ‘manage my booking’ and you can log in using your Travel Republic reference number and the card holders’ surname.