What if I need special assistance with my attraction booking?

Disney and Universal
Disney and Universal do not offer discounted tickets for disabled guests. They do, however, offer extensive support for guests with special requirements. You can find out more here.


Swim where the Manatees Live

Collapsible wheelchairs are allowed on the transfer bus to the site.  As it's only a small 13-seater bus, you must use the telephone number on your booking confirmation to give as much notice that a wheelchair will need to be stored.

Wheelchairs are allowed on the dock up to the boat. However, as the guides are not insured to assist the disabled person onto the boat, the guest's party must provide this assistance. If they cannot help the disabled party onto the boat, the disabled person will regrettably be unable to go on the trip.  

Please note that wheelchairs will be stored safely on land.

Once at the location of the manatees, the water is standing height in most places with a maximum depth of 6ft. Standing on the seabed is not permitted as it will disrupt the river/seabed. You can hire wet suits/vests at an additional charge. Wheelchair access is available at Homosassas Springs, however advance notice should be given via the "Accommodation Request" of the Florida State Parks website.