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Customer Update: 21 June 2021 at 15:00pm

The possibility of jetting off on your much-loved and truly-needed holidays is back on the cards for 2021 and we’ve got the updated information you’ll need to consider for your next trip.

We will be continuing to closely follow Government advice on countries that have changed categories in the Traffic Light system, e.g. where a country has moved from being on the Green list to the Amber or Red lists. If you have an affected Package Holiday due to depart up to the 19th July, we will be calling you in departure date order. For those with Flight-Only and Hotel-Only bookings due to depart up to the 19th July, you can call our Customer Support Team or send us a Customer Support Request online, should you wish to make any changes to your travel plans.


Travel Insurance

We recommend taking out Travel Insurance with appropriate cover for the destination you’re off to as well as all of the holiday elements booked. Do make sure everyone you are travelling with has suitable cover. 

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Destination Entry Requirements

To help reduce any potential spread of Covid-19 globally, countries have their own measures set in place for all arrivals from the UK.

You’re likely to find that many destinations will have processes and procedures in place such as negative PCR test results being mandatory on arrival along with a few extra safety measures within the county.

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Check the handy tool for all restrictions and testing requirements here >>

Travel Advice from the FCDO

The FCDO (Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office) play a big part in travel and safety when abroad. They provide regulated travel advice and updates on any risks you may come across when abroad, including those surrounding Covid-19.

Through the careful review of these risks, they are able to provide advice on whether destinations are deemed as “safe” for you to travel to or whether they advise against all but essential travel. In these circumstances, you’ll need to assess whether you still want to travel as planned and also consider your Travel Insurance cover as most policies can become invalid if the FCDO advice against all but essential travel to the destination you’re travelling to.

Should you wish to continue with your Package Holiday, despite the FCDO advising against non-essential travel due to Covid-19, you will be accepting the full terms of the Customer Covid-19 Waiver.

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What is the Traffic Light system and what does it mean for my holiday?

The ‘Traffic Light’ system has been set out by the UK Government’s Department of Transport to help protect citizens in the UK from the spread of Covid-19 coming from inbound travellers from international destinations. Each of the devolved nations; England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are using the same traffic light system however there are some variations in testing requirements.

This involves categorising destinations in Green, Amber & Red to clearly identify the travel restrictions and the requirements when depart from and arriving back to the UK.

Much like a traffic light, Green destinations have got the go ahead. With their lower level of risk, requirements such as quarantine on returning home won’t be necessary.

Amber destinations require more safety measures to be met while travel to Red destinations will involve a 10-day quarantine in a Government designated hotel on your return which will need to be paid by you. 

While this helps you to make an informed decision on whether you wish to still travel, you’ll need to keep eye on the colour your destination categorised in as these will change regularly.

Keep in mind that Covid-19 testing is mandatory for all traffic light categories however, the number of tests and where you can get the tests from differ slightly by traffic light colour and the nation you are flying back to. In relation to this, a pre-departure Covid-19 test and presentation of a negative result for travel is required for each Traffic Light System category.

Covid-19 tests taken for travel and leisure purposes should not be taken through the NHS. While we understand that free tests are made available to NHS staff through work, we strongly recommend purchasing private PCR tests through a Government approved provider, to avoid the risk of being denied boarding.

We recommend checking country specific Government testing requirements;

England >>

Scotland >>

Wales >>

 Northern Ireland >>

This guidance is for travel to and from the UK only and does not include the entry requirements set by the destination you’re traveling to. 

You may find this handy table helpful to understand the new UK international travel requirements set in the Traffic Light System


Due to depart soon? 

Following a review of the current advice from the Department of Transport, the FCDO and the entry restrictions in place for all holiday destinations, we’ve sent an email to every customer due to depart up to 19th July with an update on their booking.

As the Department of Transport propose to update the lists of destinations under each colour category every 3 weeks, we will contact customers affected as soon as any new guidance has been published.

Information on the advice for international travel in the Republic of Ireland have yet to be announced but once we hear more, we will be in touch.

For details on the next steps, click on the tab below which reflects the type of booking you hold with us.


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